Recorded at historic Bear Creek Studios in Woodinville, Washington with the talented team of Ryan Hadlock and Jerry Streeter (The Lumineers, Brandi Carlile, Elephant Revival, Milo Greene), Run Boy Run’s second full-length album features original and traditional songs rich with warmth and maturity.

A must listen for fans of great harmonies and nods to traditional American music.

Performer Magazine

Beautifully self-assured performances of contemporary, traditional and self-penned pieces.

Kevin Burke

Run Boy Run draws from and honors the American tradition, but explores beautiful new country. My recommendation…Run Folks Run to see this great band. And buy their CD.

Joe Newberry

We at Bear Creek couldn’t be happier or prouder of this album. Audiences will enjoy the record for its liveliness, beautiful songwriting, and musicianship.

Co-Producer Ryan Hadlock

Doing a weekly radio show for a few decades a man sometimes feels he has heard way too much music and he avoids cafes where singer/songwriters perform and puts his iPod in the drawer and enjoys long silent walks in the snowy woods and then along comes this very band, Run Boy Run, two fiddles, mandolin, cello, and bass, young musicians who have caught the spirit of the traditional and who combine bold playing and beautiful harmony singing, which is a miracle whenever you hear it. My only quibble was whether they shouldn’t separate the Boy from the Run Run with a pair of commas, but now I think not. I saw them clear late one night at a party when they played for three hours straight, unamplified, and danced while they did it, and wanted to play more but the van was leaving. I am old and jaded but I still have my hearing and when I hear Run Boy Run, it all comes back to me, why I started doing that show back then. I hope they go on forever.

Garrison Keillor

A collection of traditional and new traditional music, performed in a new way by the string-heavy, old-timey, not-quite-bluegrassy group, Run Boy Run.